Saturday, April 25, 2015

Whitewashed Lookbook Vol. 2

Whitewash is generally defined as a cover-up, a coordinated attempt to conceal unpleasant

details; anything (i.e. deceptive words or actions) used to veil faults, errors, or

wrongdoings. In the world of sports, whitewashing is classified as a defeat in which the

loser fails to score.


The plus-sized/ full-figured community has been coached erroneously over many years 

that wearing the actual color white is “not for us", that it’s unappealing and unflattering. 

Another fallacy drilled into our psyches, in hopes of keeping us “in our places”. 

Something else to keep us oppressed, I guess. More than enough chubby beauties are 

scared to wear bold prints, loud colors and (most often) a crisp white ensemble, because 

of their imperfections. So, they stick to solids and colors that are safe, colors that will 

hide the creases/ crevasses and conceal what they consider the “flaws” of 

their bodies. Whitewashing. 

If you frequently engage in this demeaning practice, I challenge you to step outside of your 

small, oppressed box. There are numerous ways we can wear white and still look neat and well put 

together. With proper undergarments and the correct sizing/ option, you can't go wrong!

There is a white garment for every type of woman and every occasion.

Look #1 
White at the Pool
 feat. Pink Passion Plustique - suit & kimono

Look #2 
An Evening in White 
feat.  Voluptuous Vixen Boutique - Jumpsuit

Look #3 
Chilled Out (in White)
feat. White Lotus Boutique - Jeans

Look # 4 
White in da Club

Look # 5 
White Sophistication

Look # 6 
A Day in White 

Look #7 
White Lace & Beads

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  1. Every look is beautiful!!! Love your confidence!!!