Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bargain Swimwear #OOTD feat. Forever 21

The official first day of Spring was yesterday, it's 85 degrees out, and I already got Spring 2015 poppin! Ready to set something off. After I drown in Visine and OD on Claritin, of course. My look of the day is a pool/ beach ready ensemble assembled on a budget. In the world of quality plus-sized swimwear, $50 will get you about half of a swimsuit. However, I put together my entire ensemble using that amount. Head to toe.

Bikini Top - $16 - Forever 21
My cutout bikini top comes from Forever 21. I've heard this, that, and the other about their swimwear ... but it always does me just right and does not break the bank as well. High end swimwear is extremely supportive and while I don't have any, I'd recommend it if you're looking for a flawless fit. However, I go swimming maybe 3 times annually,for a deal hunter like myself, $200 is a little steep for ANY garment, especially swimwear. I tried on all 3 sizes. My breasts swallowed the 1X whole, and the 3X was super baggy. The 2X isn't a perfect fit, but was the perfect medium. With adjusted straps, my breasts were supported and lifted. The one-size band was a little large around my waistline, a bra-like band with clasps would have made the top more hourglass friendly.

Floral Petal Hoops - $5 - Flea Market 
These were purchase as my swim jewelry. They're made almost entirely of flower petals and are light/ out of the way poolside. Wish i'd gotten other colors.

Solid Bikini Bottom -  Less Than $10 - Forever 21 
The perfect time to purchase swimwear at the lowest price possible, ANYWHERE, is the beginning of Fall. Everyone is over the beach and the season has changed, the stores need to get rid of excess and there you have it, a full swimsuit for $20 if you insist!

Mesh Coverup - $10 - Ross Stores 
I purchased this mesh skirt out of the juniors skirt section at Ross. It was meant to be an actual skirt and had a solid lining underneath that was homely and had to go! Stat. I carefully used scissors and a box cutter to remove the extra material and ended up with just this piece. Easy. Most times you won't find what you need in stores, so #DIY.

Patent Leather Flip Flops -$6 - Wet Seal 
Like the bikini bottom, I bought these when it was too chilly outside to have your feet exposed, Off season shopping will keep you winning

Total: Approximately $47!


  1. Thank you for the tip and for being confident. This year, I will try to wear a swimsuit.

    1. ami me encanta la ropa me gustaria k algundia llegaran a mexico

  2. You nailed it! 👌 Thank you for sharing all the specifics on this look, very helpful!

  3. Please let us know the brand os the skirt you go from ross, if you didn't already cut the tag out

  4. Swimsuits Direct
    Nice bikini bottom and i love the floral design.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day!

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  5. Do you HAVE to be so disgustingly gorgeous? In not sure I could pull off that kind of fantastic! :)

  6. Great look amazing & those are some awesome tips on when to shop!

  7. FYI your gorgeous outfit was ripped off by Sammy Dresses.. this post is old so maybe you already knew. (If you don't want to click on a link from a random stranger, I understand, all I did was search for the image in your blog! This is a link to the Sammy Dresses images.)

  8. This picture has gone viral and is on every single website. I wanted to order it but I'm glad I didn't since its really one of a kind. Your swimsuit is beautiful, hope I can nail it the way you did one day!