Sunday, March 6, 2016

Solids & Swag

I've always rocked patterns and different mixes of prints. I would say that it is in fact a segment of my personal style. However, as of lately, I've grown very fond of simple, SOLID, statement pieces. Pieces with interesting cuts and features that make it unique/ special. I still love an ankara, tribal, floral, striped, dotted, geo, novelty, abstract, and especially animal print. Don't get me wrong. I'm  just getting into the versatility and simplicity of the basics. 

I know that the majority of big women are severely intimidated by the color yellow. It effortlessly catches attention and is just too bright/ daring for some people. But, if you've abandoned that anxiety ... get into this crop top/ pant set (2X) from The Bombshell Boutique. I paired it with a basic statement necklace/ clutch and was done. With the tummy peek, flared sleeves, split train .. I didn't want to accessorize too boldly/ heavily (overdo it), 

Contrary to belief, when i'm getting dressed for day-to-day activity, COMFORT is key. This crop/ skirt set (2X) is my perception of what it means to be comfortable. The fabric is heavy (so i'm not worried about transparency), it flows (so I can wear any undergarments I want), it's long (so I don't have to lotion or shave, don't judge me lol), and on top of that, it's dainty and pink. While rocking it very casually is my preference, a necklace and sandal dresses it right up! C/O Haute Life Plus. 

This wrap dress from Haute Life Plus worked on it's own. It was a weird concept for me to grasp as I love to accessorize and style my clothing. I tried to style it a million different ways and everything either took away from it's luxurious look or didn't "match". The satin-like finish of the fabric, the gathers, the asymmetrical hem, the color ... it needed no additions. So I kept it basic

Capes (on dresses) aren't necessarily my fave. They hide my waistline and seem more appropriate in crop top/ blouse form. However, if the concealing of your rear is preferred or if you happen to have a problem with back fat, i'd recommend trying out this trend. This descending cape mini dress can be found in several colors at The Bombshell Boutique

I LEGIT thought we were getting Spring a few weeks early, and was super excited last week. Now, it's chilly again. Ugh. Go away! At least I got to wear my turtleneck midi dress, though. This cozy piece with the long sleeves + vest addition is keeping me warm (without a bulky jacket). 
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  1. I just gained lots of weight from having m6bdaughter and its upcoming on my 3096th bday usually I am confident enough to rock what's want but with the extra weight I have been hesitant..thank you for showing me I can still embrace the extra fluff beautifully and I will...thank you

    1. I've had two kids between now and August of 2013 and it took me awhile to embrace that new heavier body.Seeing all the new clothes available to women our size and realizing that there are men everywhere who prefer full figured women is what helped me regain my confidence and feel good about myself.

  2. Let me begin by saying you look great in every piece! I love it! Are the pieces true to size especially the pants suit, I am in between sizes right now and don't want to buy one of each size! You rock!!!

  3. 😍😍😍😍 Very nice!! Love solids!!!