Thursday, May 14, 2015

7 Fads I'll Test This Summer (#SummerChallenge)

1) Denim on Denim

Wearing several garments of denim together has been the  trend for quite some time now. I must say, initially, I didn't like it at all. I didn't like the idea of the two denims not matching. I've seen so many super cute denim on denim OOTD ensembles since then, and that who matching thing doesn't matter to me now. I love the ease of the trend. 

2) Denim Shorts

Shorts are always kind of iffy for me. I can count the number of times I've worn them in my adult life. That's not to say i'm not comfortable with putting them on my body, but I know what works for me. Shorts tend to get caught up in in my crotch and ate up by my thighs, so I avoid them. I HAVE TO HAVE a pair of denim cuffed shorts and cutoffs for the summer, though. To avoid disaster, I went to the store and tried out several sizes & varieties of the garment. I also sized up to prevent excessive gathering/ camel toe and ensure a nice fit (since denim doesn't stretch much). 

3) Kimonos

I've already been dipping into this trend over the past year. I am in complete LOVE with an over-sized, flowing, printed kimono. They're just so chic, and so easy. Solid, fitted bottom + t-shirt or crop top + kimono = out the door. I like the cozy feel of them also, especially when they drape over my butt. It's like i'm in my robe in the house. A chiffon kimono has been my go to swimsuit cover up as well. The light weight and free flow of the garment makes it just PERFECT. 

4) White Footwear

I have HATED white shoes for long enough. To me, before, they always appeared to look to cheap and tacky. It's like you just can't avoid the scuffs and the filth with white shoes. I've recently had a change of heart, though. White shoes can really make a very dark or even a Spring/ floral ensemble pop. I bought 2 pairs this week & can't wait to style them! 

5) Dark (Vintage) Floral & Lace

Speaking of floral, this is considered the season for to rock it. But I see a lot of vivid, "bubblegum" floral and white lace. It's still safe to wear a vintage floral print (neutral colors & pastels) or even a black lace ensemble during this season. These options are not off limits (for me anyway). 

6) Free Flowing Attire

Like the kimono, a free-flowing garment is so simple and so ideal for this scorching weather. It's so feminine and glides with your movement as the wind twirls through the layers of the fabric. I have avoided it before, because it indeed conceals your curves/ waistline ... and I guess i'm a show off. However, like the model, a fitting bottom or no bottom at all (as a dress) will put your curves/ skin back on display as you rock these types of pieces. 

7) More Streetwear

I'm such a girly girly girly girl, I would really like to try more looks that consist of track suits, joggers, sneakers, and other casual wear. Creme de la Curves sent me this "Flawless" floral track suit that I just LOVED when I wore it. I have such an agenda, and have realized that dressing (not only cute, but practically) is a major concern of mine nowadays. 

Anything you plan on trying out this Summer?

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