Monday, March 23, 2015

8 Wardrobe Tips for the Plus-Sized Lady (feat. Pop Up Plus NY)

Katia Crop Top & Coral Pacific Floral Dress 
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1)      Supportive Foundation Makes Your Look

Foundation is defined as the underlying basis or principle for something. In this case the core I’m referring to is your undergarments. The garments beneath your clothing has the power to make or break your look. The quickest tweak you can make to appear smooth, upright, and (in you all’s words) “snatched” is adjusting the straps on your tailored bra. When the girls are sitting up, your waistline becomes more visible and you just look clean/ immaculate. The appropriate bottoms are necessary as well. I personally am not a fan on too many types of shapewear. I’ve done my time when it comes to the lines of the girdle shorts showing underneath and a lot of girdles make me round/ take away from my natural figure. I wear a basic/ generic shaping brief that simply takes my jiggle away, without altering my physique. So no, I’m NOT wearing a Spanx (or any other expensive, suffocating shapewear)  ;)

2)      Develop a Signature

When you have a signature style, it makes shopping and dressing yourself a whole lot easier. Some classify this as lacking variety, but that’s not necessarily the case. You can have a signature style and still be versatile. My personal style is bold, sassy, and feminine. I LOVE colors and prints; mixing them or wearing them as a pop with neutrals. Bodycon midi skirts and dresses are my favorite garments. I elude pants as much as possible and would choose a skirt any day, any occasion. Crop tops styled different ways are my go-to. I know all of this when I’m shopping for myself … so when I get in the store it’s a painless, swift, and enjoyable task.

3)      Wear What You Want But …

Choose what makes you looks (and feel) best. Don’t wear something solely to avoid conforming, if it’s not for you. I don’t like to use the word “flattering”, mainly because it’s subjective. What I feel is flattering on myself, the next person may believe otherwise. However, I do believe that you should dress your curves individually (not based on anyone else) and highlight your best features.

4)      There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat

Ever heard this old school idiom? It simply means there’s more than one way to do something. For example, I’ve communicated with dozens of women who would love to rock a crop top, but are intimidated based on my own or other bloggers’ ensemble. Like myself, you may have to wear yours with a high waist. You may have to opt for a free-flowing bottom or a roomy version of the crop. Don’t just “X” looks off your agenda, play around with them and find your options.

5)      A High-Waist is Your Bestie

I don’t know about you, but if it’s not a high-waist bottom, it’s not for me. These types of bottoms conceal imperfections and highlight the waistline/ hourglass frame. When I sit, my crack is still covered, there’s no muffin top or tugging at my pants to keep them up, they’re just ideal. TIP – most vintage skirts can easily be transformed into a high-waisted beauty simply by pulling them up to your waistline. I love to MAKE thing have a high-waist, it’s easy.

6)      Thou Shalt Emit Confidence

Don’t let me catch you in the streets self-conscious about strutting past a group of critics, or pulling and tugging on your clothes because you’re not sure if people think you look right. Don’t let me catch you accepting half-ass compliments or allowing anyone to make you feel less than phenomenal. If I do, it’s gonna be a problem. Emit confidence. Let them talk. You talk, too. Shut shit down. All of those unsolicited opinions are usually the result of insecurity within. When you catch them too worried about you and your doings, ask them how happy they are with themselves.

7)      Beauty Actually is Not Pain Per Se’

Not precisely sure where this saying originated, or why it's so accepted. Why should grief be so naturally associated with beauty? All those steel-boned shapers and waist trainers are not equivalent to beauty. A mean contour or sew-in is not equal to beauty. Sitting for 13 hours for the sake of some braids isn't it. Gliding in some bad ass shoes that are KILLING your feet is not a beautiful thing. The foundation of beauty is internal. How do you feel when you initially look at your natural self in the morning? Or when all of the superficial is stripped? 

8)      Sexy ≠ Naked
Period. That's not said to look down on showing a lil' skin err' now and then, but din't allow that to define you. If you can't be sexy and actually feel less attractive with more clothes on, maybe the wardrobe isn't necessarily the issue. 


  1. Thanks for putting this up! :-)

  2. I read a lot of your blogs but this has to be my absolute favorite. Great pointers!

  3. This is great not just for plus size but for all women☺☺

  4. You mentioned undergarments in the first section. Are all your bras custom, if so what's the best store that you recommend?