Friday, March 4, 2016

What Works For ME

Notice the all capped "me" in the title. I wanted to accentuate that the following list is dedicated to things that don't work for me (specifically), why, and what I wear instead. These very things may work well on other body types/ frames.

Women often times say they have a hard time dressing their body, and that's why they despise shopping. While i'm a leading advocate for wearing whatever the hell you desire, simultaneously, I pick things that highlight my best features. I'm trying my best not to use the word "flattering", because it's subjective. What one person may find flattering for me (a dress that resembles a bed sheet, for instance), I wouldn't even wear to bed. It's all about playing around with different styles, cuts, colors, and prints ... and defining your personal style on your own.

I stand at 5 feet, 7 inches tall. A tad bit taller than average, but still considered "short" when it comes to modeling. I wear a 40H bra, my waist is 38 inches, and my hips are 58 inches around. It's VITAL to know these things while shopping, especially online. I have a plus-sized "figure 8" frame, for that reason, all of my size clothing differ. I wear an L-XL top, 16-18 dress, but a size 20 pants. Know all of your numbers.

NO: Low-Rise Pants
YES: High-Rise Pants
Why: I ONLY wear high-rise pants, especially jeans. With low-riders, I swear, my whole butt ends up hanging out and they cut into my fat and give me an extra stomach.

NO: Mini Dresses
YES: Midi or Maxi Dresses
Why: Mini dresses leave me tugging at them all day, making sure none of my meat has escaped. But I reside in HOT Florida, so I still wear them. I usually wear them with flats or tights, and then i'm comfortable. Midi dresses are the PERFECT length (in my eyes) for flats AND heels. I love the comfort of maxi dresses.

NO: Leggings As Pants
YES: Joggers, Harem Pants, Skinnies
Why: Some people hate the idea of leggings as pants. I just don't wear them (without layers or drape) because I end up with camel-toe. Just being honest. If I want to rock a cozy pair of pants, I wear skinnies, harems (with the drop crotch), or some breezy joggers.

NO: A-Line Skirt
YES: Flared Midi
Why: A-Line skirts wrap around my fat and then have a tiny flare at the bottom. It's hard to explain, lol, but I hate them! Instead I choose a fully flared midi skirt, or skater.

NO: Drop Waist
YES: High Waist
Why: Garments that sit at the "natural" waist line completely warp my physique. I choose to elevate my garments to sit slightly under the breasts.

NO: Shame
YES: Swimsuits
Why: Because...

Just to name a few things I look for/ avoid while shopping. Notice, I don't avoid any specific colors, because I think every color and/ or print is for me. Including oversized floral, stripes, and polka dots we're often told to not wear. I don't wear purple, or green that often simply because I don't like the colors. But it's never about what's "slimming" or "flattering" for me, because that's a horrible way to LIVE!


  1. Good post. When you know your body and what works, you have a better sense of how to shop and dress yourself. Just because slimmer girls are wearing certain styles and it happens to be in your size doesn't mean you can/should wear it too. Your style choices are on point.

  2. You are amazing. I love the way you own your sexiness. I wish all big women would have the courage and confidence you have.

  3. You are amazing. I love the way you own your sexiness. I wish all big women would have the courage and confidence you have.

  4. Really nice outfits. You are doing a great job. I'm using these for inspiration!