Monday, August 29, 2016

20 Shades of Print

Currently, Kim K inspired monotone ensembles and nudes, and grays, and blushes, are ALL THE RAGE. Yeah, these styles are chic as chic comes. These color choices are clean and simple. I like the style! However, I'm not about to just transition away from my personal style for the sake of being "on trend". I've been wearing precisely what I want to wear for some time now. And that's some of everything.

More than anything, I love a #lit ol' print. Stripes & floral. Leopard with black & white. A complex, retro print. A classic, subtle one. A cultural print. Big print. Small print. Neon print. Print on print on print. It's my thing. 

This (ongoing) post is dedicated to the most significant segment of my personal style. #AllPrintEverything 

Take One
featuring Grass-Fields

The Anuli skater skirt from Grass-Fields is one sassy little baby. I could have easily paired it with a black top, but it was no fun when I tried that. So I added a less bold, black based print on top (gridde crop top). This skirt is S - 4X (I'm wearing a 2X, runs a little large at the waist) currently just $32.69 this week only! You're welcome :)

Take Two
Featuring Grass-Fields

I rock my prints poolside, too. The Moni top is a super flared, vibrant crop top that can be adjusted on or off your shoulders. Perfect piece for this heat. as I feel like it's not even there. I wore this piece poolside over the weekend before slipping on some jeans and continuing with the day. This fiesta ready, blogger fave is available for us all,  in sizes Small - 4X, and today it's only $28.82! I'm wearing a 2X, sized up. Take your outfit to the next level and add the Moni headwrap while you're at it. Prints on prints on prints. 

Take Three 
Featuring Voel My Passie

My birthday was Friday! And I felt regal as ever draped in VMP. I just loveee an intricately printed, well made, stiff maxi skirt + sexy top. Balance. I celebrated my 26th in style. Check me out! Get your  customized Cherry Blossom maxi garment here.

Take 4
Featuring Eleven 60 

Trendy threads are all good. But, printed retro (inspired) pieces will forever have a chunk of my heart. Because you have to have the persona to truly rock them. They activate "style". This Flower Bomb gown (I'm wearing a 2X) from Eleven 60 is vintage, over-the-top, and gorg! 

Take 5 & 6
Featuring Grass-Fields

Today is the last day to scoop up your Grass-Fields gems up to 60% off! And I just want to lay the greatness of the Mathy set on your heart. This set features a strapless, sweetheart, (super) peplum top and matching pants. Yesssss bold printed set! I casually wore the set together with another pop of bold (statement neckpiece) from Boutique 115 and (flat sandals). Balance. In the evening, I swapped out my bottoms for a nude bodycon midi, toned down my jewelry, and added leopard printed heels. I could have gone super casual and wore just my pants with an oversized denim top and nude sandals/ fringed bag. This set is the DOPE purchase that keeps giving! #MixAndMatch, which is your style?

Take 7
Featuring Grass-Fields 

When your printed maxi is lit, so you don't have to do much extra > 
Yeah. That's the Linna dress for you. A little color on my lips, an accessory, and i'm out. Simplicity. 
(I am wearing a 2X, was slightly oversized). Get yours while it's still $60 off

Take 8 
Featuring Bagz n Ragz 

Why yes, I certainly am Yummy with a Tummy, fat sitting free. You didn't know? :) 

At the blink of an eye, i'm likely to switch my style up. One minute my pastel colored dress may graze the floor. The next minute, i'm dressed in all black like the Omen. Nowadays, I like to add a  more reserved statement piece to sexy outfits like this one. You know ... balance. You get my breasts to chin from the front, but i'm fully covered from the back. The boots come from Ashley Stewart. I took a chance and purchased them because I'd been wanting some forever. They did not fit. I repeat: DID NOT FIT! While they're supposed to be plus friendly, they still didn't stand a chance against the thunder hunny. I  flipped the L & took them to a cobbler to get elastic added. 

Get the bag & your duster in 6 color options HERE

Love my hair? Get you some HERE

Stay tuned for prints galore; share your faves!


  1. I am ALWAYS here for a great print!!!! I need color and vibrancy!

  2. I love print too! All of it is just so cute! Your style is so playful!

  3. I love print too! All of it is just so cute! Your style is so playful!