Friday, August 19, 2016

Seven (Non-Fashion) Things I Want for my Birthday

With my 26th birthday (and Curves, Cupcakes, & Confidence) being precisely one week away ... I'm naturally all the way turned up. I'm just soooo excited to be alive and well, if about nothing else. A few of my readers and followers have personally contacted me about what's on the birthday girls' wish list. To be quite transparent, I'm not nearly as materialistic and "bougie" as I'm perceived, So I never have high expectations when it comes to gifts. I have a simple living space, simple electronics, I do simple things for entertainment purposes. Beyond my fashion sense, I'm sort of a simple girl living a not-so-simple life. 

Anyway, here is a list of some of the random, yet very desired and/ or necessary things I wish to obtain for my birthday:

1) Afrocentric Shower Curtain & Poster
I've been wanting to redo my bathroom for a while, but, commercial shower curtains are so blahhhh. This is why my current one is black. So, not me. Now THIS, is me. 

2) Nostalgic Box Sets 
I have 3 favorite TV shows that can never be replaced. Martin (got the box set for my birthday a few years back), Family Matters, and Moesha. After I get the others, I'm abandoning life to binge watch. 

2) Large Makeup Organizer 
Because: structure! I literally have articles of makeup everywhere. In every purse, in every room, at my spot, at my mom's house ... everywhere. With a million tiny insufficient organizers to store my supplies. That's not a good match. This is. 

3) Belgian Waffle Maker 
I know you didn't think I was gonna create a fat-free list?! Nah nah nah. 

4) Ring Light
Because: lit images of course!

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