Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Deals on Deck

First off, I just wanted to say I thought I was soooo cute over the weekend in my white midi dress (get it here). While the duster concealed my obnoxious backside in this white, it ended up coming off (#SueMe). It's not time, yet. I won't force it. It's HOT out here. Death to layers and outerwear at this moment in time. But this was my Outfit of the Evening

I was moreso excited to wear these boots. I've been frequently unsuccessful at finding open-toe boots to embrace these thunder, lightening, hurricane thighs/ legs of mine. And don't be fooled, I was still unsuccessful again. But this time, I found some (that refused to zip) for $24.99! So I was not returning them, hunny. 

I purchased the ones all the plush girls and their mommas bought at Ashley Stewart. The lace-up feature was not adjustable, so, #AintNoDIY. I'll be promptly returning them. and gathering my $60 in coin. Please, and thank you Ashley. Their "wide width" boots stood no chance against my calves. The wide part is mostly where your foot rests.  

I noticed the "You Zig, I Zag" boots at Citi Trends in the pretty caramel color for a hell of a lot cheaper and decided to give them a try. Still didn't zip all the way up. But I unraveled the strings and zipped them up anyway. I then raveled then back, skipping certain holes and tightening as I went. They're open more at the front than those with smaller legs would have them. But, these are standard sized boots, affordable, cute, WELL MADE, and lit! 

#GetYouSome (HERE 

Ensemble Deets: 
Camel Duster (Fall Must Have!) - $15.99 - Citi Trends 
Lace Up Boots - $24.99 - Citi Trends 
Pop of Color Crossbody - $7.99 - 5 colors - Citi Trends   
White Midi Dress - $38.00 - RDAL

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