Monday, August 8, 2016

#SavingsInTheCiti - Fall Peek

Fall 2016 is precisely 45 days away, and while it's certainly not time for cardigans over here in Tampa, FL (it's HOT honey), it's not too early to grab you some for the approaching transition. But, just because the weather is changing doesn't mean you have the funds for new, outerwear and layering pieces. Transitioning, fashionably and affordably, is possible and quite simple.


Dim nails, dark lips, smokey eyes, leather bags, simple scarves, more fringe, sexy boots, & big necklaces (like this $15 beauty from RDAL) are all more quick switches that will help you appear fashionably #FallReady.

Wear Your Summer Pieces Out 

Living in an area where the sun beams all year long and it's 80 degrees on Christmas, I never fully pack up my summer clothes like everyone else does. There's no snow or ice. With that being said, I keep my summer clothes out all year long. When cold fronts pass through, pieces like this super cute cardigan from Citi Trends go right on top, and I'm instantly #FloridaFallReady. You can get this cardigan in black (shown), tan, or olive, and save it for October for less than $20. Duster-like cardigans in these exact (three) colors have been popular during fall because of their ease and versatility. Similar "low end" ones also go for $50-$100 each. You can get all 3 colors for $50 HERE! You're welcome :)

Dark Colors 

Dark colors make everything fall-sy. Yeah, that's not a word. But you get me. Black (instead of white), burnt orange (instead of peach & coral), mustard (instead of neon or canary yellow), olive (instead of mint green), wine/ burgundy (instead of scarlet red) are color switches that instantly make garments you may wear all year long look more season appropriate. This is the approach I usually take when transitioning, because FL weather doesn't always allow me to wear a cute jacket, scarf, or any other type of layers. It's still hot up until November, while everyone else is thriving in their Autumn cuteness. So I wear what I normally wear. In a darker color. Easy?

Ensemble Details:

Sheer Bodysuit (size up!) - $7.99 - Citi Trends Online
Wrap Around Duster - $15.99 - Citi Trends Online
Sleek Double Clutch - $7.99 - Citi Trends Online
Heels - In Store Clearance

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  1. Thank you for this. I ordered the Olive and Tan!! From one Florida girl to the next, keep doing ya thang! We winnin!!! Xoxo