Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wear the Lingerie! (feat. Kelly's Kloset)

As content as I am with my body, I'm not gonna sit here on this post and pretend as if every single insecurity I've carried since childhood magically disappeared the moment I decided to love myself.

There's enough of that fraudulence being showcased, so i'll instead keep it real with you. Lingerie, ALONE, makes me feel slightly apprehensive. Not because i'm afraid to show this bawdy (you've seen the swimsuit photos) ... but because, well, I'm not exactly sure why. I really can't explain it, I just feel a little anxious. So, when I find pieces that take don't come with that feeling attached, and make me feel comfortable, it's an epic win. 

Kelly's Kloset offers sexy night wear for my slim baddies and my plush pals. Bras and panties, teddies, chemises, babybolls, hosiery, gowns, and rompers. A lil' bit of something, for every body! In addition to your "get-up", don't forgot to open up Kelly's Toy Box overflowing with all types of excitement for you ... and him ... and y'all :) 

Skeptical, because my breasts never fit these things lol, I picked out the Sasha set (2X). I would recommend this set for my plus girls with average/ slightly above average breasts, who are concerned about their tummies. It's sexy and open in the back and drapes right over that area. I'd also recommend this piece if you're not extremely bust, but are wide. The cami and the panties both tie up (adjustable) to ensure fit. Loved the color and comfort of the Sasha set! Get you one!

My favorite piece in the wholeeee store is the Vintage Lace Gown. It's vintage with it's cream inserts and frill and bows. It's lace and soft mesh all over. It's a gown, slightly reserved, but still super sexy. It's totally my style. I'm wearing a 1X, no need to size up. I actually sized down with this one. Note; you'll need to add your own black underpiece ... or not ;)

Hope you enjoyed! Enjoy your weekend, and WEAR THE LINGERIE!

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